Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy Foundation, Inc.

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Success Stories: Circles of Healing

A group for people with serious mental illness with a history of frequent hospitalizations has enabled participants to avoid hospitalization for more than six years.

A group for combat veterans enabled members to put traumatic combat experiences into perspective, reduce their nightmares and feelings of anxiety, increase their sense of belonging in civilian life, and regain self-confidence.

A group for single parents helped participants to examine their frustration and stress, reduce their feelings of isolation, and learn new ways to balance their responsibilities with their own needs.

Quotes from Group Participants

"What I got out of group therapy: I was treated with respect, listened to, not judged."

"I was able to say in "public" what my symptoms were and how I felt."

"I met other people who had the same illness which relieved the feeling of isolation."

"I learned from the other members of the group what worked for them and copied the skills that worked for me."

"I got to hear myself think out loud as I vocally processed what I was dealing with, thus getting it clearer in my own mind."