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Why are groups effective?
Groups have been used therapeutically in the US for over 50 years to help those suffering from physical and mental disorders. Groups are a source of interpersonal learning, inner strength and hope. Members often reduce stress, improve relationships and feel more fulfilled. Well-run groups can provide:
  • A place to explore difficult feelings
  • An opportunity to grow by helping others
  • A safe way to learn and try new behaviors
  • A place for sharing beneficial information
  • A way to find common ground amid differences
An effective group is a "lab for life." Participants face their peers in addition to the therapist. During these honest, spontaneous exchanges, group members learn from each other, support one another and encourage growth.

Why are groups cost-effective?
At a time when medical and insurance costs are skyrocketing, groups offer effective and affordable treatment. Because fees are shared among group members, group therapy is about one-third the cost of individual therapy.

The importance of training group leaders.
Effectiveness as a group therapist requires specialized knowledge and skills. Groups require close attention to changing dynamics so that each participant can receive appropriate care.

The nationally recognized NSGP Training Program offers aspiring group leaders the skills required for beneficial outcomes. Trainees are educated in group theory and process, and they experience group membership before taking on the responsibility of group leadership. Throughout the training they receive mentoring and supervision from Certified Group Psychotherapists. More

"No other form of treatment offers such a rich opportunity for change at relatively low cost."

--Walker Shields, MD


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